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Your Local Osteopath in the Chalfonts…  the Chalfont St Giles Osteopath

The Chalfont Osteopathic Practice is committed to and passionate about relieving aches and pains in people of all ages

Preston Lee, the Chalfont St Peter Osteopath (also based in Chalfont St Giles), utilises his Osteopathic diagnostic and physical therapy manual skills, along with Acupuncture, Cranial and Classical Osteopathy, Bowen Technique, Deep Massage, Acupressure, and Chinese Reflexology to achieve the aim of getting the patient relief from pain or discomfort as fast as possible.

The Chalfont Osteopathic Practice aim is to help you recover and to keep the problem away as much as possible.

The consultations are not hurried, we take our time (first consultation is one hour and follow up sessions are up to 40 minutes long) and we will explain what we diagnose the problem to be.

Preston Lee, the Chalfont Osteopath, with over 17 years qualified practice experience, always gives value and the patient will always feel his approach is professional, safe, not rushed, well explained, and that a dialogue is maintained to monitor progress and suitability of treatment.

Preston Lee has always used this approach throughout his osteopathic career to great success such that he still has clients visit his practice in the Chalfonts from his last practice in South West London and even overseas.

Visit Chalfont Osteopathic Practice: Your local Chalfont St Peter Osteopath – Your local Chalfont St Giles Osteopath – serving the Chalfonts and surrounding areas since 2005.

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