Frequently Asked Questions


PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS– The osteopath, Preston Lee, is fully qualified with a BSc Hons degree in Osteopathy and registered with the General Osteopathic Council.

COST and DURATION of THE TREATMENT SESSIONS                                                                                                                                                  -Initial consultation £75 (60 Mins)                                                                                                                                                                                    -Follow-up treatment £60 (45 mins)

This is a much longer time than the average therapist in the surrounding area because this osteopath treats the whole body, head to foot, not just the symptom area and time is spent explaining the diagnosis. In this way, this osteopath feels he can offer far more value and a more quality treatment experience with more positive outcomes for the average person. There is no rush. We are here to help and serve.

IF you feel you are in a rush, to get somewhere, or to get to work, then let the osteopath know you would prefer a shorter treatment time and it is easy to manage a shorter treatment.

COST OF TREATMENT– First session is £75, follow up sessions £60 (cash or cheque or direct banking only)


DISCUSSION – Your osteopath needs to know about your health, past and present and you will be asked detailed questions about your current symptoms, medical history, general health and any medication you may be taking.

EXAMINATION – The osteopath will carry out a careful physical examination sometimes incorporating medical equipment to help with the diagnosis. The osteopath will use touch to identify points of weakness or excessive strain in your body. You will usually be treated lying on a treatment couch. Osteopaths usually start any treatment by releasing and relaxing muscles and stretching stiff joints, using gentle massage techniques, rhythmic joint movements and muscle release techniques. They may also carry out spinal manipulations. These are short, quick movements to joints in order to help restore normal joint function and mobility.

NOT COMFORTABLE? If you do not want the osteopath to use certain techniques that are too strong or too weak or not to your liking, JUST TELL the osteopath before and during the treatment session. FEEL FREE to discuss things as the treatment session progresses.

FEELING COLD? Just tell the osteopath so that you can put back on your clothes. In any case, you ALWAYS will be covered with a towel.

EXERCISES – Your osteopath may show you exercises to do at home and suggest ways you can improve your posture

WHAT CLOTHING TO WEAR (AND TO REMOVE)?– Your osteopath will normally ask you to remove some of your clothing and perform a simple series of movements. If you feel uncomfortable to do so, please say so as treatment and examination can work around this. Therefore, wear appropriate underwear, or loose fitting trousers, shorts, T-shirts etc.

CAN YOU BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU? If you choose, you may have a friend or relative present during the appointment. Any minor, child under 16 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult.

THE LIKELY NUMBER OF SESSIONS REQUIRED -The number of treatments needed depends on your condition. If you have chronic low back pain for example, you may need several treatments. For acute pain, one or two treatments may be enough. THE NUMBER OF SESSIONS is up to the patient. The osteopath will recommend an amount BUT the patient is in control and can come and go as they please. If a patient is out of pain and discomfort or feels their symptoms improving, then there are some patients who will stop treatment. Some patients will be patient and consider continuing treatment to get the structure of the body more correct to avoid further symptoms or injuries.

WILL SYMPTOMS WORSEN BEFORE THEY GETTING BETTER? After an osteopathic treatment, you may feel stiff or sore for a few hours. This can feel similar to post-exercise soreness. Feel free to ring and talk with your osteopath if you have any concerns. Some patients feel sore post treatment for approximately 18 hours to one full day but there are also some who do not and feel better straight away.

BENEFITS OF TREATMENT – Less pain/discomfort, feel better, better posture, sense of well being. Talk to other patients for their views.

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