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Middle of  Back Pain / Headaches

“I had chronic back pain for the last 20 years and on pain medication for 5 years. After 2 visits with Preston I was able to stop all medication and I am now pain free.  My wife was suffering with headaches which Preston cured after just one visit. Preston is outstanding, a Master in his craft and we cannot recommend him highly enough.” 

Mr I Hopkins, Paramedic Instructor, Chalfont St Giles


“I have been a patient of Preston for more than 3 years now and before that my son was (a patient as referred from his orthodontist) for cranial osteopathy.   I admit that I am quite impressed with the technical skills as well as the medical knowledge of Preston. His approach to the problems is quite a holistic one, being expert not only in osteopathy, but also in acupuncture, reflexology, and other forms of alternative medicine which makes him able to choose the best tool to tackle the patient’s problem(s). I had to travel abroad sometimes and having seen an osteopath in another country, I admit I was not impressed with their standard. Preston has raised the bar quite high for osteopathy experts and practitioners. Regarding cranial osteopathy (techniques) for my son, Preston has helped my son..

I definitely recommend Preston for any one who would like to have osteopathy or have back, muscle,., skeletal or postural problems.”

Dr Y Mostafa Kamel, MD, Chalfont St Peter


Neck & Shoulders

“Hi Preston! Omg you are amazing! My neck feels so much better it was really weird as neck and shoulder sore and I couldn’t  walk on right knee 2 days after I saw you , then went to bed and woke up a new woman!? Very odd but what ever you did worked so I’m happy thank you for seeing me at such short notice your number is forever  on my phone just in case. Thanks again ….”

S.Sharpe, Chalfont St Giles (Mobile text – Dec 2014)


“Mr Wonderful! Extraordinary! Wow, do I feel different. You have knocked several years off me. I WAS feeling so old… You really are a magician…. I cannot believe the difference you have made… many many thanks.”

“Remind me to tell you…. you are wonderful !! Yesterday, I did some gardening. It had been waiting ages. I know I have energy the day after I see you so I did it.  Up to an hour, rest for the same, etc. Expecting to feel tired when I woke up this a.m. I DIDNT. !!!   Quite the opposite. So I have just been up the horses field, part of my favourite walk.  The effect is mental as well as physical. THANK YOU !”

“I do think I am very fortunate to be able to do what I do at my age(78 ). People do remark when I get up from the floor. “I can’t do that ” I reply “I do exercises every morning”.  I know you don’t believe me but you have kept me out of a wheelchair. ( Just think of the inconvenience & expense).”

Mrs JW, Senior Citizen, Chalfont St Peter


“My son, aged 14, was recommended to Preston (from his orthodontist for cranial osteopathy) and after a few treatments, I could visibly see the change in my son and he really helped him.”

“Ever since. I have seen Preston regularly for my own aches and pains (e.g. low back pain, rib injuries, arms, muscular pains etc), which were from my work and sport (martial arts). He kept me aligned and fully alert with my posture, and now I hardly need visit him at all!”

Mr NH, business proprietor / martial artist, Chalfont St Giles


“I am pleased to report that since receiving treatment from you for a very painful lower back injury, I am now free from pain and able to continue with my hobby – golf – from which I derive much pleasure.   I am very grateful for the prompt and rewarding treatment you provided.”

Mr IC, Senior Citizen, Seer Green


“…have gone from suffering debilitating back pain that needed treatment every week, to a situation where pain is now a rare occurrence… this is entirely due to Preston and I cannot thank him enough…”  

Ms S E W, Professional Nanny


“… My back and pelvis responded well and quickly to Preston’s treatment and I was impressed with how adaptable he was… Preston was very keen to show me stretches and exercises to stop the injury re-occurring. He worked with me also on my posture and he has effectively done himself out of a job!”

JL, Violin Teacher and Professional Violinist


“I injured my arm very badly while snowboarding. After two treatments with Preston, I was cured”

Mr RP, business proprietor



It seems I’ve done my back in
Because I just can’t straighten up
I am only comfortable horizontal
And I feel I have it tough
When I try to stand up
All my weight goes on my spine
I lifted a mower a little awkward
Before that I was fine…
Now I’m bent like a banana
And need your help desperately
You say you can see me in twenty
Minutes so I’ll leave immediately
You greet me at your clinic
Then start to do your manipulation
With your vast amount of knowledge
And expertise I felt a physical sensation
With one leg behind the other you
Had my arms folded up somehow
Next you had me in a bear hug
Pushed down then a click and wow…
I had more of a spring in my step
When I left your establishment
because of your methodical treatment
That Was definitely “heaven sent”

” Thanks for your efforts “

Lars, business proprietor / poet, Chalfont St Giles


Chalfont Osteopath

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